Wine Dining Channel

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wine Dining Channel

To my knowledge, Canada's first streaming 24/7 internet wine channel. Drop in from time to time to see whats on.

About This Channel:

A channel that accentuates the fun side of wine. It should be enjoyed with any food you like regardless of what any rule says. The truth to matching food and wine is that sweet foods make a wine taste stronger while sour foods make a wine taste milder. This channel will be ecclectic in it's shows, but we will stive to make it fun and enjoyable to watch

Introducing the Archive

There are now caps on what I can show so I am introducing the Wine Dining Channel Archive. Essentially things that have show on Wine Dining channel will show up here when "its first run on the main channel is finished" It will update once in a while so please check back.